The North Umpqua River, originating 100 miles east of Roseburg, high in the snowfields of the Cascade Mountains at Maidu Lake, is our water source. It is one of the highest quality surface water sources in the entire state of Oregon – a high volume, fast flowing low temperature river, with relatively little industrial, commercial, agricultural or residential activity along its banks. The vast majority of the river’s 1400 square mile watershed lies within the largely undeveloped Umpqua National Forest, making it less suseptible to contamination than the water supplies that serve many other communities in Oregon.


First, we start with microfiltration using (3) one-micron filtration units to effectively remove any solid particles that might be present in the water. Next, we run the filtered water through activated carbon, which effectively removes any chemical contaminates. After leaving the activated carbon treatment process, the water passes through a one-micron filter again to catch any fine carbon particles that may wash through the carbon filter.
Our last two steps are for water disinfection: we use a UV light and injected ozone, that work together to give you the purest water possible. At the end of it all, you can be assured that our processes do not strip the water of its naturally-ocurring minerals found in the original water source.
In addition to our drinking water, we offer a quality distilled (DI) water. Our DI water is deionized by running it through an anion / cation resin bed. Whether you use our drinking water or our DI water, you are guaranteed to receive water that is of the highest quality.